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Positive feedback from the people around you might make you feel good isn't helping you progress. Mark honest feedback will fast track you to success.

I'm Mark, and this is my story.

Hey my name is Mark and I am the co-host of the "Know What I'm Saying" podcast as well as a content creator on Tik Tok and Instagram.

I've independently grown all my social media following to a total of almost 200,000 followers and learned through all my failures.

My hope with this platform is to offer you the opportunity to do what I've done but minus the failures and the time spent on it!


How can I get support?

Yes you can email Slink for support at We are available 7 days a week. We also have customer success managers available on WhatsApp and via telephone.

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Your subscription can be canceled at any time just send an email into to request cancellation.

Loved Mark's video. I think this whole concept is a great idea and I'm excited to take the feedback I received in my Channel Analysis video to progress my channel.

— James S.