Hello and welcome to Create to Explore!! We are so excited to have you here - thank you for joining!! We are Giselle and Stephen and we are content creators based in Southern California. We created this community as a place to educate everyone on how to take better photos and videos, and to help talk about strategies we recommend to grow a social media following whether it's for fun or for income! Content Creation Tips: We'll teach you photography and videography tips and tutorials, show behind the scenes of content creation, editing tutorials, posing, pricing, and the backend side of being photographers, bloggers, and influencers. You will also have first access to our future digital products & presets!

Check out my products below to book a 1-1 live or Channel analysis for bespoke feedback on how to strategise, monetise and grow your channel!

Come along to Patagonia with us! Our free Photography E-book Bespoke video of us reviewing your social Channel Book a 1-1 Live Video Call

Pre-created Videos & Guides

Come along to Patagonia with us!
I have spent years working on my online businesses and have experienced all types of clients and business. My experience has led me to now possess invaluable information which can help accelerate your own personal training business. I have identified the 5 most important factors you need to tackle face on, in order to create a successful brand. The video will take you through these points and let you avoid some mistakes I have made and put you in the best place to reach your PT goals.

Our free Photography E-book
‘Social Media’, what does it really mean for you and your business. I love creating fun/engaging and informative content, but as much fun as it is, it also serves a really important service in my business. Having a good relationship with your followers and building an audience allows you to take your business to the next level. Along with connecting with more people at the same time. This PDF will give you a step by step guide on how I have learnt to use these amazing platforms to grow my business, reach more people and hopefully, inspire those who enjoy my content!

Channel Analysis & 1-1 Live Video Call

Bespoke video of me reviewing your Social Channel (£50)
I will record a bespoke video of myself reviewing your chosen Social Media channel. This analysis will be based on a questionnaire which you fill out when purchasing the product. I will use your information to align my analysis with your goals and aspirations. I have built and run a successful Instagram account and my experience will allow me to provide you with a breakdown of what you can do to improve yours.

1-1 Live Video Call (£20)
When you book a 1-1 live session with me, you also fill out a pre session questionnaire. I will study this information, research your social media channels and prepare for our call. I will use my experience to answer any and all of your questions. I will give learnt advice which will allow you to build your brand, enhance your profile and reach the next level in your journey.

We are here to help YOU adventure better! We'll go over hiking, camping, backpacking, and road-tripping tips, show you around state and national parks, help you plan your outdoor adventure itineraries, give gear recommendations and guides, discuss adventure photography and social media tips and tricks, and MORE! As always, please make sure to Leave No Trace when visiting these beautiful locations and take care of our planet!