Tanvi Shah

Tanvi Shah is a 26-year-old British Indian who was born and raised in London, UK. After spending almost 5 years in the Banking & Finance world and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at a Big 4 Firm, she has now transitioned into being a full-time creator, presenter, and social media consultant. After growing rapidly online over the last 2 years, Tanvi has positioned herself as one of the most recognisable South Asian females in the UK at present and has built a following of over 120,000 across her social media platforms as well as having a radio show on the BBC and in Canada. In her free time she is a semi-professional netballer, a freelance model and has recently released her own gym wear collection to encourage more women to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing. She continuously raises awareness for gender and racial equality across fashion, media, and sports.

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Tanvi has built her following from the ground up while balancing a demanding corporate job and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Her hobby of creating content went from a passion to her full-time career, having left the Big Four for even bigger things in May 2022. Tanvi uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health and subjects which often go unspoken. She is also a voice for both gender and racial equality and is uniquely positioned to comment on a vast roster of subjects; from career advice and starting your own channel to vlogging, podcasting, and presenting.