Rory Watson

Rory is a creator from the UK, sharing inspiring travel content to an engaged community of over 70K followers across Instagram & TikTok. He has a passion for adventure and the outdoors and shares his personal journey through his unique style of photography and filmmaking. Rory aims to provide as much value as possible to his followers through his educational video content, sharing everything from travel tips to his creative process behind the scenes. Check out my products below to book a 1-1 live or Channel analysis for bespoke feedback on how to strategise, monetise and grow your channel!

Guide to growing on Instagram with Reels (PDF)
Bespoke video of me reviewing your Social Channel
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Beginners Guide to Growing on Instagram with Reels (PDF £10)

My guide to Reels highlights the most important factors to consider when using Reels to grow your Instagram profile. Reels have fast become one of the best ways to create exposure to your channel.

I will take you step by step through on what you need to do to create professional and eye-catching content. This includes advice surrounding editing, trending texts, Reel length, the most engaging Music, how to build anticipation and more!

This knowledge is based upon my own experiences that I have learned over the years. Following this, I have also provided a number of ideas about what to post, so you can get the ball rolling with your Reels journey!

1-1 Live Video Calls & Social Channel Analysis

1-1 Live Video Call
When you book a 1-1 live session with me, you will also fill out a pre session questionnaire. I will study this information, research your social media channels and prepare for our call. I will use my experience to answer any and all of your questions, offering learned help and provide you with a session which will allow you to go away and use what I tell you to build on your brand, your profile and hopefully reach the next level in your journey.

Bespoke video of me reviewing your Social Channel (£40)
I will record a bespoke video of myself reviewing your chosen Social Media channel. This analysis will be based on a questionnaire which you will fill out when purchasing the product. I will use your information to align my analysis based on your goals and what you are looking to do with your social media. I have built and run a successful Instagram account and my experience will allow me to provide you with a breakdown for what you can do to improve yours.

Rory has ammased a large following across his social media platforms due to this unique and educational style. He has a range of experience professionally in both photography and videography which can be found on his website linked below.