Dane McBeth

Dane Mcbeth is a 23-year-old entrepreneur, videographer, and photographer from Vancouver, Canada. He became interested in media when he purchased his first camera with the sole intention of shooting exotic cars. since then, videography, photography and entrepreneurship have become an obsession. Once a hobby, they have now turned into a full-time online career and have expanded into many different industries such as travel, automotive, e-learning, and product.

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The Grow With Me packages are designed for those of you who are looking for a more in depth and ongoing form of mentorship & development. Every month, not only will we have a 40 minute, 1-1 live video call, you will also received a pre recorded channel analysis/review where I will record myself going through your chosen channel & provide you with extra tips and guidance on how to improve your content. These packages are designed for those of you who are serious about social media and want to take the best steps in order to grow, monetize and overall level up!

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Dane is continually expanding his eye for detail, and focusing on the creativity of the craft. simply put, his main goal is to produce visually stunning content with a modern, minimalistic feel. Dane is currently located in the lower mainland area of British Columbia and has a level experience and unique style that is hard to match, making him an extremely exciting person to learn from.