From Corporate Consultant to Content Creator | The Story of Tanvi Shah (July 2022)

Are you considering a change in career? Feeling unfulfilled and bored by your monotonous job? Well there is a solution – Becoming an established Content Creator! 

With over 6 million full-time Content Creators, there has never been a better time to follow your passions and take a leap into the world of social media.

Being a full time Content Creator or  “Influencer” is quickly becoming a viable route to employment. Over 28% of Influencers cite content-creation as their full-time job, and the average social following needed to earn the average UK salary is shown to be as low as 43,000 followers.

Being a full-time Content Creator offers a range of benefits, from earning great money, working with exciting brands, expressing your creativity and experiencing the freedom and flexibility that a 9-5 job simply can’t provide.

A great example of someone taking this leap is Tanvi Shah, who we are incredibly proud to welcome to the Slink Platform. 

A true trailblazer, Tanvi has built her following from the ground up whilst balancing a demanding corporate job and qualifying as a chartered accountant. Her hobby of creating content went from a passion to her full-time career, having left the Big Four for even bigger things in May 2022.

At the time of writing, her socials are:

  • – 4k+ YouTube

  • – 40k+ Instagram

  • – 77K+ TikTok

As well as learning how to edit, schedule and plan content, focusing on the quality of her images, posts and videos was the currency that allowed her to attract many different businesses and continue to grow.

Building an audience of over 100,000 is no mean feat and despite working in the lucrative Finance sector (with the security of a salaried job), her freelance media partnerships and sponsorships have enabled her to focus on creating content full-time.

‘I’m thrilled to partner with Slink and offer my social expertise through my own experience on an even more personal level.’ 

Tanvi uses her platform to raise awareness about mental health and subjects which often go unspoken. She is also a voice for both gender and racial equality and is uniquely positioned to comment on a vast roster of subjects; from career advice and starting your own channel to vlogging, podcasting and hosting. 

“I’ve landed my own radio show with the @bbcasiannetwork , I’ve hosted a concert with @thebollywoodco, I will soon be appearing on BBC Panorama and I have launched the Diverse Professional Women’s Network alongside some inspiring corporate women of colour: @simranjeetkmann @kajolphadnis @devamsha @ranveerxkaur.”

Slink is fascinated by Tanvi and her story so far. We know her mission, knowledge and expertise will continue to inspire content-creators worldwide.

Tanvi, welcome to the Slink community!

If you’re an aspiring content creator or business owner and want to learn how to monetise, strategise and grow your social channel, Tanvi’s Slink profile can be found here


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