Slink FAQ

Slink is an influencer ed-tech platform

Influencers who have built their channel from the ground up are able to provide key advice to users about how to become successful influencers themselves.

Influencers on the platform are able to use their expertise to give advice on: Strategic Advice, Monetisation, Logistics or anything else via our four different products!

Visit an influencer profile via the homepage or link

Select one or our four products on offer- either Bespoke (1-1 Live/ Channel analysis) or Pre-Made (Pre-made video/PDF).

For Bespoke- Sign up, Fill in the questionnaire, Purchase, Await your session/ download.

For Pre-Made- Sign up, Purchase the download, View in dashboard or via email.

1-1 Live allows you to have live conversations with your favourite influencer. Influencers are able to share their expertise in any structure they seem fit over a live video chat.

Utilise the questionnaire before your meeting so you can explain your social media background/ goals to the influencer and state questions you want to through in the meeting! You are in the driver's seat!

Channel analysis allows you to receive a personalised message from your favourite influencers which gives you feedback on your social media channel.

Fill in a questionnaire before your meeting and indicate anything you specifically want feedback on or just allow the influencer to give an overview of his or her general feedback on your profile!

The length of these videos is normally around 10 minutes.

Pre-Made video allows influencers to provide content to aspiring influencers which will aid your social journey.

The content of this product is entirely up to the influencer but generally involves experience-based advice in their personal social category. This could include advice relating to growth, strategy, brand collaboration/ negotiation or personal anecdotes.

The length of these videos is normally around 10 minutes.

Pre-made PDF's allow you to receive advice that surrounds the more technical aspects of your influencer journey and is best suited to being in a written/ visual format.

This could involve influencer hardware/ software set-up, how to get the best shots or alternatively an exclusive written story about how an influencer started their journey.

You will receive a confirmation via the e-mail you signed up with and also reminder e-mail 30 minutes before your session with a link to your Video chat meeting. Please remember to check your spam e-mail in case it has accidentally ended up there!
You will receive a confirmation via the e-mail you signed up with. The influencer then has 7 days to send you your personalised video message.
Yes, please sign up via the top banner.
Please e-mail to and we'll get back to you asap.
Yes! For a limited time, we are operating a Slink referral programme. The Referral Payout will be 2.5% of the Referred Creator's Earnings for the first two years. There are no limitations on the number of Referred Creators or your total Referral Earnings. Please make us aware of the creator you are referring, before they are onboarded.