Our goal is to help influencers learn from creators who have organically grown. To receive honest, efficient and bespoke advice from those who have learnt the hard way. The opportunity to learn from the best
The Problem

Rapidly increasing business demand for influencers has created an interactive army of people wanting to make influencing their full-time job. However, Existing influencer learning resources are not bespoke to users and are currently created by individuals who aren't influencers themselves.

This means that advice given to aspiring influencers is generic and does not take into account the different skills needed to grow in different social categories.

The Vision

The element of luck is currently crucial in starting a career through social media. But why rely on higher powers when you can learn from the invaluable experiences gathered by those who have already done it?

We want to help aspiring influencers learn how to become successful by learning from those who have been there and done that.

Our Solution

Slink-  an influencer ed-tech platform. Where Influencers who have built their channel from the ground up can provide bespoke advice to users about how to become successful influencers.

Influencers on the platform are able to use their expertise to give advice on: Strategic Advice, Monetisation, Logistics and more via our bespoke and pre made influencer products.

"Learn from the mistakes of others- you can't live long enough to make them all yourself"- Eleanor Roosevelt


Our current influencers have a wealth of experience growing on social media and have the skills and expertise to help users Grow, Monetise and Strategise.
We make sure that all of our influencers have grown from the ground up which qualifies them to give honest experience based advice.


The Slink Team is committed to helping aspiring influencers grow through bespoke online interactions.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or Suggestions about the platform