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About us

Our Goal

Slink uses world-leading Macro-Influencers to help businesses and aspiring content creators strategise, monetise and grow their online presence in a cost-effective manner.

We are on a mission to help aspiring businesses and content creators learn from those who have organically grown.

Our innovative products facilitate honest, efficient and bespoke advice from those who have learnt the hard way and therefore give our clients the opportunity to learn from the best.

Why Macro Influencers?

Macro Influencers are, by definition, experts at:


Marketing their brand


Organically growing a social channel


Creating engaging and viral content

The Slink Macro-Influencer consultants have accumulated up to one million followers through their tried and tested multi-channel strategies.

Our products apply these proven strategies to facilitate compelling, professional and high-growth social profiles.

The Slink Platform

Our Solution

The Problem

Existing social growth learning resources are not bespoke to users and are created by individuals who aren't Content Creators themselves.

Learning resources don't take into account the different skills needed to grow in different social categories.

The Vision

The element of luck is currently crucial to create virality and a high growth social profile.

But why rely on higher powers when you can learn from the invaluable experiences gathered by those who have already 'been there' and 'done that'?

Our Solution

Slink- The Social Growth Platform.

A two-sided marketplace where Influencers who have built their channel from the ground up can provide bespoke advice to both aspiring creators and businesses about monetisation, strategy and growth.

Our Team

Bradley Rutty

Creator Lead

Elliot Burton

In-house Macro-Influencer

Patrick Stout

B2B Lead