8 tips to build your social media audience across platforms and increase your total following! (May 2022)

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Have you gained traction on TikTok but remain idle on Instagram? Built a frenzied following on Facebook (or a mob on Meta?) and now pushing for Patreon? Can the YouTube algorithm be solved?!

You’re here to learn how to build your social media audience and unlock the advantages each platform has in terms of community, reach and monetisation. Let’s help you do exactly that with these eight tips:

1. Treat short-form video content as tasters/teasers/previews

We all love a free sample. Whether it’s signing up for yet another free trial to a streaming platform with a different email address (*cough* …what?) or cracking open a crisp can of the latest zero calorie sparkling revolution; taste hooks us in and gives us a first impression of a whole new experience.

Why not reshape some of your long form video content into this format? Filming a longer piece of content and chopping up snippets as previews is a fantastic way to entice audiences over to another platform for the full package. By repurposing your content into multiple avenues (GaryVee is an expert at this) you’re able to increase your output and therefore visibility whilst continuing to add value.

Another example would be the likes of Steven Bartlett (recently being described as having ‘-an old soul in the body of a young God.’ …). You’ve probably seen him most recently on Dragon’s Den and perhaps the media reaction to Molly Mae’s infamous reference to 24 hours from his incredibly successful podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’. Bartlett uses TikTok and Instagram Reels to post valuable segments from his much longer hour+ podcast. Intrigued by the subject matter followers can either jump to his YouTube or digest the podcast on their chosen podcast platform.

Finally, we’ve even done it! We release engaging reels highlighting content from our first podcast episode with Alex Gray. Check it out here.

If you’ve not tried this preview to convert technique before, let us know how it goes in the comments below! 

 2. Get your house in order! (Linktree, Lnk.Bio, Shorby)

By housing all your socials in one link, you give the potential follower the keys to your kingdom. With link advertising options normally restricted to bios and some platforms only allowing for one URL, these landing pages enable you to host multiple URLs as well as gain analytic insight into where your traffic comes from to truly help build your social media audience.

Services like Linktree, Lnk.Bio and Shorby remove the cross-platform friction and often natively launch the relevant app if on a mobile device. A win-win for building your audience across platforms!

We can see the linktr.ee in his Louis’ Instagram Bio to the left. In case you missed it, here’s his recent blog detailing tips on how to grow on Instagram.


3. Your button’s undone…

Well, not quite. This one is TikTok specific and takes under a minute to set-up:

  1. Head to your TikTok Profile.
  2. Click ‘Edit Profile’ (underneath your follower count).
  3. Scroll down to ‘Social’.
  4. Here you can link your Instagram and/or YouTube Channel.
  5. This then creates a one-click button to the above on yourTikTok Profile.

 4. Book a Slink Channel Analysis

We couldn’t come this far without plugging our very own Channel Analysis service! This is a sure fire way to help you tweak your content and build your audience with our macro-influencer insights and tailored advice. Reach out above and one of the team will be in touch! 

 5. Try bespoke content for different platforms

‘Want to join in the discussion? Head on over to our Discord community!’  (Literally! The Slink Discord Link is here.).
‘Want exclusive access to unseen footage? Check out my Patreon membership options!’
‘Want longer vlogs and days in the life? That’s what my YouTube is for!’

As well as considering repurposing content from the first point in this article, how about categorising different types of content for each platform? Some creators upload the same videos to TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts (and that very well may be your game plan…), however, have you considered treating each platform as a different slice or flavour of you? This enables followers to better understand what type of content they’re going to receive from you on each platform as well as creating exclusive content and could just be how to build your social media audience. 

 6. Post natively to short-form apps(?)

Disclaimer: this may be more of a rumour than fact…

Apparently, some creators have had greater success creating content natively in the app’s video creation software (rather than re-uploading the same content to a different platform) and this influences how a video is pushed via the allusive algorithms. (I mean, it does sort of make sense that Instagram may not want to push Reels with a TikTok watermark on them as opposed to something created within the Reels app…).

Linked to our first point on creating tasters/teasers/previews, you could experiment with creating less ‘polished’ content and just getting content out there. I’m sure we’re all guilty of over-editing, second-guessing and letting content gather dust in our drafts. If you’ve got an idea; just do it…

Just do it

 7. A call to action

We’ve all heard it. Hey, we may have even all said it. A concoction of unavoidable cliches:

‘What is up guys!’
‘Smash that like button!’
‘Ring the notifications bell!
‘Hit subscribe!’

Whether it’s Mark Tilbury’s the Dad-joke-esk ‘-smash the like for the Al-Tube You-gorithm’ or Graham Stephen trading the content of his video for the low, low cost of smashing the like button there are inventive and puzzling ways to prick the ears of your audience and engage with liking and subscribing. These call to actions can be linked to competitions or other incentives for your viewers and direct them towards your other socials e.g. ‘Head over to my Instagram for your chance to [insert your own bespoke incentive here!]’.

 8. We are in it for the long game

Rome wasn’t build in a day. Though the tips above can help you grow your following, ultimately, we are in it for the long game. Paraphrasing Ali Abdaar, he often alludes to posting consistently and investing in your content creation knowledge and skills. After all, we know that this is a marathon and not a sprint. If you’d like to join other content creators on their journey and be part of an incredibly supportive network, then our Discord is the place to be.

That’s all folks! Hopefully you now have a view tricks up your sleeve to build your social media audience across different platforms. As always, let us know if you have any feedback or shout out topics you’d like us to cover.

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