Louis Armstrong's top tips for accelerating growth on Instagram


Hey guys!


It's clear you are being proactive in learning how to grow, monetise and strategize your social channel- which is great and exactly how I learnt how to grow my own socials.


I wanted to give you some advice that I would have loved to have known when I was starting my social journey.  I used Instagram for around three years before my channel got to where is it today. Here are 5 basic tips that really helped me along the way.

1. Have A Great Instagram Theme Aesthetic

This is step one when it comes to building out your Instagram page. Your Instagram aesthetic is going to be the first thing people see when coming onto your page. Having a consistent feed that uses the same colours and theme may often be the deciding factor on whether someone will follow you or not. It's OK if your Instagram theme isn't perfect straight off the bat, but it does need to be edited together in cohesion with other posts. 


There are plenty of useful editing apps out there like Fotor to help you do this effectively


2. Have A Posting Schedule

It’s no secret that Instagram promotes pages that post consistently. The question is, “What is consistent?” At a minimum, if you seriously want to grow your Instagram account fast, you should be posing at least once a day. Under 1,000 followers, you should never miss a day of posting.

This will change depending on if you are an Instagram theme page or personal page. If you are a personal account it is okay to go as low as three times a week. This gives you more chances of having a post go viral.

3. Always Have An Instagram Story [With Stickers]

Having the red circle around your Instagram logo is essential to establish credibility among potential followers. The red circle around your Instagram logo indicates that you have an active story & account. 


One strategy that works very well is using Instagram interactive stickers. If you have ever seen a poll, quiz, or a story that says “ask me questions” you’ve seen an interactive sticker, use them!



4. Work With Micro-Influencers To Reach A Larger Audience

The trick to getting influencers to give your post a shout-out is finding those under a hundred thousand followers and over ten thousand followers. Once you find an Instagram influencer that you want to work with, DM them and ask them how much they want to charge for an advertisement. The rates will vary depending on which niche you’re in. The best way to figure out a good price is to reach out to multiple influencers and see what the average costs are.

5. Be The First Comment On Large Accounts In Your Niche

Have you ever looked at a big account in your niche and saw a comment that had hundreds of likes on it? Not by a celebrity but by a regular person. Usually, the reason why you’ll see comments with very high likes on a post is if they are the first comment on that post. You can set post notifications on the page you want to comment on, this way you can comment quicker.

I'd love to hear from you guys. If you give any of these a go, let me know how it goes! 


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